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As we age, many of us feel fatigued and start to suffer from a lack of energy and vitality – qualities we had when we were younger. These symptoms can be treated, and you can regain vitality and achieve better overall health through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone balance can be influenced by a number of factors in men and women. Fluctuations in hormone levels occur throughout the lifecycle, some are just a natural part of aging while others may be the result of stress, toxic exposures, diet, or unhealthy sleep patterns. It is important to monitor your hormone levels throughout the lifespan and take action early to address imbalances before it affects your health or quality of life.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy? Pellet therapy takes hormones from natural plants for use in humans, so they can achieve normal hormonal levels. This technique has been used for decades and has gained popularity in recent years. Patients have discovered that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is extremely effective. Implants are placed under the skin where they release small doses of hormones to provide the best treatment.

While some other forms of hormone therapy can lead to mood swings and erratic energy levels, pellet treatments provide consistent and sustained hormone levels through the day for months. Because the hormones used during pellet treatment are natural, pellet therapy is well suited for those who want the benefits of a natural hormone without the negative side effects that some synthetics can bring.

What are Hormone Pellets? Pellets contain estrogen and testosterone from natural plant sources. The pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and are inserted in fatty tissue beneath the skin. The pellets in action are nearly identical to the functions of healthy ovaries and testicles when it comes to hormone release.Hormone pellet treatments are easy, quick and pain-free. No hospitalization is needed.

Therapy for Women: When compared to traditional hormone replacement therapy, studies indicate pellets are extremely effective, by helping to relieve symptoms of menopause, maintain bone density and restore healthy sleep patterns. Pellet treatment also can improve your libido and sexual response and performance. The treatment also can decrease depression, anxiety and mood swings. In addition, pellet implants can relieve migraine and menstrual headache pain. The treatment also helps decrease vaginal dryness, incontinence and urinary frequency.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones to help resolve symptoms related to aging or menopause... helping to replace & restore natural hormones that decrease as we age!

Therapy for Men: For men, testosterone levels begin to decrease as early as their early 30s. It is recommended that men be tested for these levels around age 45. Symptoms of testosterone problems in men include:
  • Fatigue
  • Decrease in mental acuity
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Difficulty achieving and sustaining erections

Pellet therapy helps sustain testosterone levels equal to those of properly functioning testicles. Because testosterone used in pellet therapy is natural, the treatment is ideal for men who want the benefits of natural hormones – but not the negative side effects of synthetic hormones. Other forms of hormone therapy can cause changing blood levels of testosterone. That can lead to mood swings and varying degrees of energy. Researched and developed for more than 70 years in the United States and Europe, studies have indicated pellet therapy’s long-term safety. Pellet therapy is used safely in many parts of the world and is being studied in relation to preventing numerous diseases, from heart disease and osteoporosis to diabetes and more.

So if you are feeling tired and have less energy than you used to.... looking to jump start your love life and simply enjoy all that life has to offer, begin hormone pellet treatment. For information or to setup an appointment call 617-777-0582!